Monday, December 7, 2009

I need it urgently

my eyes getting more worst right now...
all my pillow are getting to wet to use it...
it flow just like rain when night comes, sleep time...
i gotta secret, i cant sleep at night..
are this "disease" ??? Chronic Disease ???
Maybe... i can feel it right now..
it so hurt guys..
"can it get the medicine doctor?"
the only one thing that can treat or recover this disease is the good thing or activity that i do before this disease come to me.

i must search this medicine right's urgent thing!!
god, help me to find this medicine..please listen to my prayer..
please god, how long i'm gonna suffer this thing..
i needed her for my life.. i'm not joking god..
please make this thing just like before, the happiess moment in my life..
please forgive me god, i know i do many faulty and evil thing before this..
please forgive me my greatest god.. can you give back my happiness thing to me..
i swear to you god, if you gimme that thing back, i will do more GOD order or command..
i swear god.. i will be a good slave for you and a good human to human..
i swear god..

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